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Plasticase and Perm-A-Store further product development and sourcing relationship.

November 10, 2014

Perm-A-Store, the US based manufacturer of Turtle Cases, who leads the worldwide market in protecting data during transport and storage is expanding its strategic relationship with Plasticase, a Canadian manufacturer of high quality, ATA approved equipment cases.   The agreement supports Perm-A-Store’s expansion of the Turtle line into the broader, high value equipment protection market.   Combining Plasticase’s injection molded product line and expertise with Perm-A-Store’s manufacturing history in data applications enables the production of Turtle Cases with the expanded feature set (e.g. waterproof, airtight) required to protect highly valuable and delicate items.

“ The expansion of the Turtle brand into markets outside the data channels  is key to our growth initiatives.  With 27 years protecting the worlds critical data, we have found that working cooperatively with other companies which bring a complementary  set of skills and products helps us to serve our existing customers better while expanding our base.   Over the past three years Plasticase has proven to be a valuable partner.  ” said Ken Schneider, CEO of Perm-A-Store.

Media contact:

Alan O’Regan

V.P. of Sales and Marketing



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