Data Commander 4621 Fireproof Safe

Product Description

The Data Commander 4621 Turtle Safe by Phoenix International protects your data from damage caused by fire, water, magnetic interference, dust humidity and theft. This heavy-duty safe is machine manufactured with two layers of 100% top quality EGI steel filled with filled with Styronite F insulation which protects against magnetic interference to keep your data intact. Double door construction (2 sets of doors: external &internal) and the waterproof seals ensure the highest level of protection for the valuable data it is made to protect.

The Data Commander 4621 Turtle Safe is tested and certified to protect recorded data on tapes and hard drives in the event of any catastrophe it might encounter. The Data Commander 4621 guarantees fire protection of up to 2 hours for all types of media, including tape cartridges, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, USBs and memory sticks. All safes feature construction with internal seals that prevent water damage from fire hoses and sprinklers.


– Safe Class: 2 hour certified class 125 fire protection at temperatures over 1850°F
– Internal Dimensions:  32.5″ X 15.5″ X 15.75″
– External Dimensions: 45.75″ X 27.5″ X 28.5″
– Weight: 800 lbs
– Carton Dimension: N/A
– High security electronic lock is programmable with user’s own code
– Includes 3 pull-out multi-media drawers and 2 adjustable shelves
– Additional pull out drawers available for purchase
   – NOTE: The Data Commander 4621 can fit 6 pull out drawers
– Free lifetime replacement in the event of a fire.
– Impact-resistant up to30-foot drops
– Double door construction (2 sets of doors) with internal water resistant seals
– Ships fully assembled


– 4.59 cubic ft. of storage space
– LTO tapes:
   – 6 Drawers (Max) without tape dividers: 250 LTO Tapes
   – 3 Drawers (standard) without tape dividers and two shelves:294+ LTO Tapes
   – NOTE: Capacities for hard drives are difficult to determine depending on hard drive type, dimensions and storage configuration.
– Hard Drives:
   – 4 Drawers with anti-static foam slots (Max): 72 3.5″ drives with or without sleds
   – 6 Drawers without anti-static foam slots (Max): 120 3.5″ drives with or without sleds stacked on one another
– CD’s: 800+
Class 125Products that provide fire protection for computer media are listed on this website with the designation of “Class 125.” Tests for products designed to protect computer media range from 60 to 120 minutes in furnace-burn time, at temperatures ranging from 1700°F to 1859°F. By comparison, a typical fire lasts 20 minutes and reaches 800°F. During the fire test, the internal temperature of the product is monitored to ensure that it does not rise above a level that would endanger the computer media stored within the product. The designation tag also indicates the length of the fire test as “1 HR, 1 ½ HR, or 2 HR” and is located next to each model number.Explosion TestedAll Phoenix products that are explosion-tested are designed to withstand temperature blasts of up to 2000°FFree Lifetime ReplacementAll Phoenix “FAF” products come with a free, lifetime after-a-fire replacement warranty, as well as a full, two-year materials and labor warranty.Impact ResistantAmong the dangers of a building on fire is the instability of the structure. Impact-resistant Phoenix products are tested to make sure that seals and fireproofing insulation withstand typical amounts of debris that fall during a fire.Phoenix Security RatingPhoenix products rated for normal security come standard with theft-prevention features such as easy-to-change combinations and biometric locks.Water ResistantPhoenix products marked as “water-resistant” are designed using internal seals and double-door construction to prevent water damage from fire hoses and sprinklers.

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