Why Turtle Case?

Secure storage and transportation of digital storage media to protect your valuable data

Perm-A-Store is the world leader manufacturer of permanent storage and transport cases for vital computer backup tapes and other storage media, brand name “Turtle”. The name was chosen because the cases have a hard shell on the outside that protects vital information on the inside. Due to the unique patented design and functionality, Turtle Cases are recommended by the leading computer tape and media manufacturers including Imation, IBM and StorageTek. Perm-A-Store works daily with the tape manufacturers to determine the most critical problems that could affect the function of any backup tape.
Turtle Cases are designed to protect storage media during storage and transportation from damages from mechanical impacts, temperature and/or humidity extremes, debris from foreign contaminants, airborne debris and electrostatic discharge. Turtle data storage and transport cases are available for all major storage media formats, in varying capacities.

Turtle data storage and transport cases offer the following features to protect your data:
  Double wall construction
– Absorbs impact, reducing shock to the tapes
– Provides insulation from external temperature changes
– Avoids mechanical loads that would distort the cartridge shape
– Minimizes the effects of stray magnetic fields by providing a nominal spacing of not less than 80 mm between the cartridge and the outer surface of the shipping container
  High density material
– Special high density polyethylene construction that is very durable but lightweight
– Will not rust or create sharp edges
– Extra protection while saving the customer effort and money during transport
Clean interior
– Provides sealing to prevent the ingress of dirt and water
– Prevents condensation
Individual, format specific slots
Unique, molded dividers sized to the precise dimensions of each media format cradle each data media and reduce media damage from shaking and rattling
Horizontal positioning of tape-reel axes
Prevents wound tape from sliding down off vertical reel axes due to vibration creating “stepping” or other signs of uneven winding
Self locking, double-strong latches
– Sturdy, safe from springing open
– Lockable for added security
Recessed smooth grip handles
Easy to carry, easy to stack, In addition to these benefits, some cases offer:
Water-resistant design
Special carbon resin
Additional electrostatic dissipation properties to even better protect business critical   data
Phosphorus material in the handle of the case
Allows to locate it in the darkness
Multiple media formats
Practical solution to store and transport different media formats secure in one case
Large capacity
Allows you to handle more Turtle Cases in one large box

Why using Turtle Cases?

Stakes are higher – Value of the media and data has increased significantly due to larger capacities.Each cartridge or disk now holds significantly more data than in the past and consequently the cost of the business of losing the data is much higher. As an example, a 3480 cartridge holds 200 MB of data while a 3592 cartridge holds 300 GB – 1500 times more!

Requirements are more stringent – The density of the data on all tape formats continues to increase dramatically and therefore damage on the same area, affecting the exact same amount of space on a tape, will result in much greater loss of data.

Legal requirements – New laws demand increased corporate discipline in the area of data security and disaster recovery planning.

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