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SYS IT INNOVATIVE SUPPLIES s is formed by a team of experienced expertise in Information & Technology  (ICT) services  in the area of technology design , solutions & development, project integration & implementation, business subject matter expert and solution support services. SYS IT  business model focuses in marketing and reselling SYS IT products and serves as an expanded hub for the South East Asia Region exspecialy Malaysia.

SYS IT core business model includes the development and implementation of enterprise software products, Hardware supplies, IT consulting services, as well as integration services of multiple-vendors solutions.

As a key technology partner, SYS IT   sets to assist its clients to chart their IT strategy at the early onset. This includes reviewing business priorities, defining IT requirements, studying technical alternatives, drawing implementation roadmap, and formulating recommendations. If a specific IT requirement was already identified, SYS IT  will help the client to study the feasibility of various alternatives and come up with appropriate recommendations. In certain circumstances, SYS IT will also provide requirement gathering and specification service to its clients for their tender exercise.

SYS IT is an authorized re-seller/Distributor of a number of renowned IT products, including UNIX,Windows based servers, Network infrastructure components, database server systems, Enterprise Software Developments, Enterprise Software distribution from Microsoft and Autodesk as well as security related products in Malaysia Region.



Delivering large-scale IT projects on time, on budget, and on value.As IT systems become an important competitive element in many industries, technology projects are getting larger, touching more parts of the organization, and posing a risk to the company if something goes wrong

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IT Infrastructure Support Services

SYS IT offers a wide range of IT services designed to accelerate, restructure and manage IT processes within an organisation. We offer agile, flexible and round the clock support solutions that are tailored according to our client’s business needs and priorities. Our IT infrastructure support services extend across all verticals including financial institutions, manufacturing units, retail sector, media, utilities and so on

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As much as our competitors want to sell you their easy “out of the box” solutions to a given problem, we take a different stance. For us it’s all about listening. If you have a challenge, whether it is costs, resources or service delivery, we want to understand why. Once we understand your pain then we can start to formulate a plan. Working with you, we apply a mix of process, technology and people and arrive at a solution that is tailored to your requirements

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IT Managed Services

IT managed services comprise of comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage a client’s business operations as a single entity—with single point-of accountability. Our shared risk and reward model can eliminate the inflexibility and risks associated with traditional fixed cost services, allowing you to only pay for services that you receive.

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IT Strategies and Consulting Business

Unlike other organizations  IT business consulting services are bespoke and flexible. This translates into deeper layers of consulting with our clients to deliver a solution that is ideal to your goals and needs. Our IT Consulting solutions can help you optimise key business processes in order to increase output and maximise savings. Our consultants will meet with the key members across your business, analyse your current infrastructure and delivery landscape, and identify areas where further cost efficiency can be created.

    • Identify areas of opportunity towards improving overall efficiency and/or costs
    • Receive a road-map for change
    • Reduce IT complexity
  • Professional and cost-effective transition programs

Distributed solutions enable companies to have focused support at remote offices, where a full-time member of support staff would be inefficient or unwarranted. Distributed on-site and offsite solutions can significantly decrease request resolution time by up to 35% and enhance the visibility of IT service delivery for users. The support is administered centrally and delivered locally, so organisations can retain in-house management and control.



new corporate website launching for IT End to End solutions


new corporate website launching  well established ICT Service based company in Malaysia specializing providing end to end Business Solutions.


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